My Daily Routine in Malaysia

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Author: Bryan Jo Fernando
Program: Creative Advertising
Work Abroad Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My internship in Malaysia was a total of 8 weeks. Of these 8 weeks, I spent the majority of my time in Malaysia. I also traveled to India for 2 weeks as part of my internship, where I accompanied the managing director of my host company, Faamous Production Sdn. Bhd, for client meetings. It was a very spontaneous trip and with India being my home country, I was overly excited for this experience!

My daily routine in Malaysia was pretty simple. Each morning, I would wake up with the sun shining brightly on my face around 7 AM. I would quickly freshen up, and then go have some breakfast at my favourite restaurant. Once I finished breakfast, my company would send a car to pick me up and bring me to the office. The majority of my day was spent at the office, as I worked until approximately 5 PM.

My workload varied from day to day, with some days being more challenging than others. It quickly became evident to me that Malaysians had a different outlook on stress. They would work and handle any task that came their way with ease. Within my 8-week internship I never noticed anyone stressing, even when it came to meeting tight deadlines and due dates. The people in my host company were very warm and friendly which motivated me to work more efficiently and contently.

I really enjoyed my work experience at Faamous Production Sdn. Bhd. Now being back in Canada, I really miss my workplace and co-workers. Looking back at some of the candid pictures taken at my work station, I can’t help but experience moments of nostalgia.