Summer in Seoul!

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: Ki Ho An
Program: Honours Bachelor of Aviation Technology
Study Abroad Location: Seoul, South Korea

I have recently finished my third-year at Seneca College in the Bachelor of Aviation Technology Degree Program where I study and train to become an airline pilot. The program requires us to find a co-op placement related to the aviation industry and work for fourteen weeks during the summer. I was fortunate enough to find a position at the Air Line Pilots Association of Korea by connecting to the employer through an upper year student who had previously worked at the organization.

I was born in South Korea but I haven’t had the chance to see my relatives for such a long time due to the intense workload of studying. Then I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to work and travel at the same time to see my families. Working at the organization will also be a good investment from a future employment standpoint because I get the chance to work with active airline pilots and have an opportunity to receive tips on how to get started on my career. I am also able to see and experience a variety of affairs that the pilots have with the government which will help me enhance my understanding to become more mature, professional, and successful towards becoming an airline pilot.

It is my first time travelling alone anywhere far, especially to a country I haven’t been to for many years. However, being fluent in the Korean language gives me the confidence to go abroad. I love facing challenges and I am very excited to go abroad to meet great people during the summer. The organization that I work for is located right beside Gimpo International Airport; the second largest airport in Korea. It was pretty hard to find a place to live due to population density. Therefore, I decided to live with my relatives who also happen to be studying aviation in Korea and I thought it would be a great chance where we can talk a lot about our common interests.

The commute to work takes about an hour and twenty minutes one way but the place that I am staying at is located right beside a subway station and it doesn’t require much walking. The public transportation system seemed very confusing at first because the map looked like a spider web! There were multiple buses at a bus stop that travelled in different directions. I had to spend few days getting used to it, but it was very systematic and advanced. There was Wi-Fi available everywhere so I would always be able to use my smartphone in case I was lost.

There is so much variety of food in Korea that are very delicious. In fact, there are so many different foods that I still haven’t had the same meal more than once since I arrived here! There is still tons more to do and see during the 14 weeks that I will be here. I know it’s going to be a busy but amazing summer!

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