Living & Studying in Utrecht!

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Author: Victoria Ercolao
Program: Public Relations – Corporate Communications
Study Abroad Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Everyone has their concerns when they are about to start a new adventure or experience. These concerns were certainly present when it came to pursuing my studying abroad experience. Although I had my concerns, I knew that with the right help and support that I would quickly overcome all of my concerns with ease. Thanks to both my coordinator at Seneca, and the international office at Hogeschool Utrecht for making my transition one that was both smooth and simple.

The Program

I completed my second semester of my Public Relations & Corporate Communications certificate program at the Hogeschool, Utrecht (HU), where I studied International Communication and Media (ICM). I had a wide variety of electives to choose from in the ICM module that directly related to my program at Seneca. All the courses were also taught in English. From the day I arrived, I was integrated with both Dutch and other international students. Between my coordinator at Seneca and the International Office at HU, I never felt confused or overwhelmed with academic processes. All the staff and teachers were always willing to help. The HU also prides itself on offering its students an international learning experience, and I agree that this was the most rewarding part of the program. My classes had students from Spain, France, Germany, Australia, India and South Korea (just to name a few!). Collaborating with students from such diverse backgrounds really challenges you to think from different perspectives and becomes a very valuable skill that employers look for!



The student housing market in Utrecht is extremely competitive due to the large student population, which is why finding a place to stay during my study abroad period became a concern for me. My concern was quickly resolved once I spoke to the international office at the Hogeschool Utrecht (HU).  The HU recommends that all international students use an affiliated student housing company named SSH. I rented my room through this website and had a really positive experience. SSH has properties all over the city and they take the uncertainties out of finding a place on your own. Rooms range in price from €300 to €700 per month, and the earlier you reserve, the more choice you have. I rented a studio apartment right on the HU campus for €625 per month all-inclusive. The apartment was clean, spacious and I didn’t have to share any amenities; however, I would recommend renting something closer to the city centre because that’s where all the action is. Aside from being really close to all my classes, there’s not much else to do on the HU campus.

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