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Seneca supports its students in personal and professional growth and provides opportunities to become a World Citizen. Each year, a group of Seneca students take part in this incredible experience of spending a semester abroad.

Who? Both domestic and international Seneca students can explore exchange opportunities at a number of Universities and Colleges worldwide.

Where? Belgium, UK, Germany, France, Mexico, Netherlands, and many more!

When? You can participate when being a third semester full-time student or higher at Seneca.

Why? Too many reasons why it is worth to participate, but to name just a few: Incredible experience. Personal and professional growth. Making change in life. Exploring new culture. Meeting new life-long friends. Earn credits while having great time and fun.

How? Check our web-site for more details and make the first step by contacting us

Meet our students who study and travel abroad and become one of them!


Amanda Cook is a 20-year-old Honours Bachelor of Commerce – International Business Management student and she is going abroad to study at Hogeschool Utrecht in Utrecht, Netherlands for the fall 2016 semester. Some of her hobbies include traveling and trying new things. She is a big fan of change and always likes to be moving around and taking in new experiences. She hopes this exchange will allow her to meet people from around the world, so she can learn a little more about each culture. She plans to travel around as much as possible while in the Netherlands.

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Phillip Owen-Scott is a 22-year-old Business Administration – International Business student that studies at Seneca’s Newnham campus. He has lived in Toronto his entire life and has traveled frequently with his family. He has visited 16 countries and explored over three continents. In his spare time, he enjoys y exploring the city, watching movies, playing video games, and spending time with friends. This fall he will be studying abroad in Belgium at Artevelde University College.

Stephanie Rukprofile picture NEWavina is a Business Administration-International Business student at Seneca College, and she will be spending her fifth semester in the wonderful city of Zagreb, Croatia. She is the type of person that seizes every opportunity that comes her way, so when she was given the chance to study abroad, she jumped on it. Her interests have always been tied to her perception of how the world is so small and so large at the same time. She has traveled to Croatia to visit her family many times over the years, and have decided it would be the perfect country for her to study in because of its beauty, culture, and endless potential. This experience will be something completely genuine, allowing her to better connect with her roots, as well as allowing her to be a part of the international connection Croatia has with the rest of the world.

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Clemens Snoeijer
is a Business Administration – International Business student at Seneca College. Clemens has built an extensive amount of work experience at Purdys Chocolatier as a Chocolate Connoisseur. As he is a fanatic chocolate consumer he wants to discover the delicate chocolates Belgium has to offer. He is spending his fifth semester at Artevelde University College in Belgium to get a grasp of European business.  He was born and raised on a farm in the east side of the Dutch and German border, but never managed to experience the full European experience. Clemens is now offered a new opportunity to fully discover the European lifestyle and regain his European roots.

Ki Oh An
Ki Ho An is an Honours Bachelor of Aviation Technology student at Seneca College. He is studying to become an airline pilot and will be going on to his 7th semester during the fall. Ki was fortunate to receive the Student Mobility Award for his co-op semester to assist him in costs for air transportation and food while he spent his summer semester working at a co-op placement related to aviation.
He was born in South Korea and he became motivated to become a pilot in 2003 while flying over to Canada with his family. Fluent in English and Korean, Ki chose to work in South Korea for an organization called Air Line Pilots Association of Korea. During his work term, Ki will get to experience the variety of affairs airline pilots have with the government. He will be able to apply his skills and knowledge for the organization as well as develop further knowledge in the aviation industry while extending his network for future employment.

Catherine Camara
is an International Business- BUI student at Seneca. She has extensive experience in the Fashion industry as a Fashion Design graduate and she currently work in sales at Holt Renfrew; Canada’s upscale department store.With future goals in the business world, she started the International Business program just a year ago. It had always been her intention to take her International Business studies abroad. Aside from business she has a deep passion for travel. She has visited 19 countries as of yet and some of her favourite destinations are: Japan, Korea, Portugal, Holland, and Germany. Germany is the destination of her exchange that it will be starting this March, 2016. She will be in the southern region of Germany known as Bavaria; taking her Seneca experience international. In the next 6 months she plans to gain valuable experience working and studying abroad.

Avery Navikevicius
, is a Seneca student who got the chance to study abroad at Robert Gordon University. She is currently in the 4th semester of the Fashion Business Management program. She gained her interest for fashion through sewing. She started sewing with her grandmother at a very young age, and later took formal lessons at Simply Sewing With Kelly. In high school, she completed a co-op at the sewing studio and her colleagues and her competed in the Hamilton 24, a competition that tests the skills by giving participants only 24 hours to design and create a garment of their choice. Another future Seneca student and she came in 3rd place, for their creation.  In the future she hopes to be able to use her fashion diploma to work internationally, although she is searching for a specific career path. She is going to study in Aberdeen, Scotland and feels that is the best opportunity that she could have asked for. She will be situated in Europe, allowing her to explore different cultures and their takes on fashion. She expects to learn about how the fashion industry is similar and how it varies across the Atlantic. She is more then a wee bit excited for this experience, and curious if she will adopt an accent!!

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Nimai Desai
is a Seneca Bachelor of Commerce – International Business Management student. He is currently spending the winter 2016 semester in Aberdeen, Scotland at Robert Gordon University (RGU). He believes that being exposed to another culture, country, and meeting different people from all over the world will help to enhance his experience as an international business student as well as sharpen his business managing skill.


Tristan Grizzle
, is a Business Administration-International Business student at Seneca College. He is currently spending 1 semester studying abroad in Ghent, Belgium at Artevelde Hogeschool University College. Throughout his journey in Ghent, Tristan is truly experiencing the Belgian life by exploring their fine culture. On his free time, he is taking every opportunity he gets to travel around the continent, allowing him to also explore the many different cultures of Europe. While embracing these cultures, Tristan gains even more confidence, developing the necessary skills to work globally in the world of international business.

Alfredo Roman
is a third year Aviation Safety Operations student at Seneca College He is a first generation Canadian citizen, as his parents are from Uruguayan and Spanish descent. Alfredo recently decided to take part in the New York City Mile course where he gained a new global perspective. He is currently fluent in five separate languages; including Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, English and Japanese. He has come to learn these various languages by traveling around the world. His love for traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing all kinds of unique opportunities keeps him motivated to aim high and exceed all expectations in every aspect of his life!

Jamie Sterling is a postgraduate Public Relations – Corporate Communications student at Seneca College. She graduated with a BA with High Honours in English from Carleton University in 2010. Since then she has been trying to see as much of the world as possible on a limited budget. This led to working at a summer camp on the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom and to two years teaching English in Busan, South Korea. She has also backpacked throughout Southeast Asia and parts of South America. Her newest adventure takes her to Ghent, Belgium where she is studying the Module in Communication Management at a Seneca partner institution—Artevelde Hogeschool.

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Meghan DuCille
is currently studying abroad in Paris, France completing her second semester of the Public Relations – Corporate Communications program at Seneca. Meghan is a recent graduate of York University where she studied Communication Studies & Gender Studies. She decided to do her exchange for personal growth. Previous to this experience, Meghan worked full-time in a communications role and wanted to expose herself to new challenges.


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Jacqueline Roes is a Seneca Corporate Communications student. She spent one semester studying abroad in Ghent, Belgium at Artevelde Hogeschool University College. She had the opportunity to gain more confidence, make new friends, and acquire a more open and well-rounded perception on life and culture.




Safa Siddiqi is a Seneca Corporate Communications student. She spent one semester studying abroad in Paris, France at EFAP – Paris. She believes that this experience not only changed her personally, but also will be beneficial in her professional career.



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Victoria Ercolao is a 23-year-old recent graduate from Seneca’s Public Relations & Corporate Communications Graduate Certificate program. She completed the second semester of her certificate abroad in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She truly believes that any student who had the opportunity to study abroad, should not hesitate and take it!


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Bryan Jo Fernando is a Seneca Creative Advertising student. He is currently studying abroad in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he has the opportunity to learn while working in the international film industry. With both previous work experience and a strong passion for international film, studying abroad is allowing Bryan to further his learning, while developing professional industry relationships.