When Life Takes Flight (South Korea)

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Author: Ki Ho An
Program: Honours Bachelor of Aviation Technology
Study Abroad Location: Seoul, South Korea

Working in Korea has developed me as a person as well as my motivation to my career goals of being an airline pilot. I have learned so much about the aviation industry as well as the working environments and the working culture that I cannot wait to start working after I graduate from my Seneca degree program. Everyone I met and worked with were truly amazing and considerate of the little cultural difference they may see in me, but it was a great experience personally going to a foreign country on my own and spend a few months to work and travel.

Before I went to South Korea, I had some knowledge of what to expect but I could have planned it out more specifically of what I can do to spend my leisure time while traveling and visiting places that I have never visited before. More planning was needed for experiencing the new type of foods as well.

Since I’ve worked at the airport, I have seen many tourists around the world that would always get lost in the subway system because it is just too confusing at first even if you are proficient in Korean. My advice regarding transportation is to have a smart phone with any Korean navigation applications because Google Maps doesn’t work in Korea.

My return to Canada was a long trip and I guess the most challenging part was the jet lag that I had for a few days but that was about it since everything else regarding the lifestyle is pretty much similar to what we have here.

The four months have gone by quick and I am already missing my relatives and coworkers.

Thank you to Seneca Abroad for the great opportunity they granted me and thank you all for reading my blogs.


Ki Oh An

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