Exploring Aberdeen!


Author: Avery Navikevicius
Program: Fashion Business Management
Study Abroad Location: Aberdeen, Scotland

My first month in Aberdeen sure has been a roller coaster! When I first arrived, I think I got lost 5 times a day for about a week. Getting lost ended up being a blessing in disguise!

Each time I stopped to ask for directions, I was given a mini tour or history lesson about the area that I was in. I ended up learning a lot and I saw so much of the city.

After my first few days, I ended up catching a cold, which caused me to miss the school trips to Slain’s Castle and Stonehaven. (Don’t worry, it’s a happy ending!)

Since I was stuck in my flat for a while, I spent my time getting to know my roommates. I think this is the best living arrangement I have experienced so far in my adult life! They brought me medicine, and made sure I had food, while they kept me company. As soon as I was well enough, we all went to visit Stonehaven and Slain’s Castle.

I have really enjoyed that atmosphere at RGU thus far. It is drastically different from Seneca! The lectures are much larger than what I am used to. However, the tutorials are smaller than the classes back home!

It is definitely an interesting mix. I also do not have a single test or project due until the end of the semester. This means everything that is due at the end is worth 100% of my grade. I wonder how I will feel about this set up come exam time.

I think I have eaten my weight in chips (or in Canadian, French fries!) since I have been here! I think I have enjoyed pub food more than my body and wallet appreciates.

My goal for March is to get into a steady eating and spending routine. However, with trips to Amsterdam and Dublin for St. Patrick’s day, that might not happen!

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